• Konrad Fernandez

Challenging The Typical Sales Paradigm!

We’ve all been told to be go-getters! The book Go-Givers Sell More by Bob Burg and John David Mann challenges this paradigm, and urges a radical shift in our sales approach.

In an environment which places a premium on selling, the authors urge businesses to keep the focus on giving; in the process the sale will take care of itself!

Become a Go-Giver – that’s the key message shared in the book. And here’s a summary of the book’s ideology through a framework of five laws:

The law of value – Create value for people through excellence and consistency in service delivery, attention to people’s needs, empathy, and generous appreciation. What Alfred Hitchcock called a MacGuffin is the key thing around which a movie or a story revolves. For instance, in a treasure hunt movie, the treasure is the MacGuffin. But the movie is not really about the treasure, it’s about the quest. Likewise, businesses have their own MacGuffins – a company selling insurance may focus too much on their MacGuffin - Insurance policies. What it really is selling, though, is protection and peace of mind.

So, don’t love your product or service so much that it comes in the way. Focus on the value it creates, give without keeping score, and create value. The sale and the money will follow.

The law of compensation – Your compensation is directly proportionate to the number of lives you touch, and the extent of your impact on them. Income must be seen as a factor of people (not “customers” or “prospects” alone, but people!).

While sales emphasizes “telling more” to sell more, what could really work better is touching lives by listening more, building rapport, and sincerely getting to know customers.

The law of influence – Measure your influence not by the impact you have on people you know, but on people you don’t yet know. The key is reputation. Gandhi and George Washington had enough power in their reputation to influence large masses of people they never even met.

Networking is looked at anew. It’s no longer about what someone can do for me, but about asking people the questionwhat have I done for you lately?

The law of authenticity – Avoid the trap of becoming too “pitch” oriented with promises like “trust me, you’ll love this product…”. Be yourself. Under-promise, over-deliver.

Listen, and manage objections with an open mind; offering your customer support and empathy rather than practiced objection responses.

The law of receptivity – It’s insane to give and not receive. True giving is a two-way process in which you don’t feel patronized when someone gives back something of value to you. Believe that in business what goes around comes around.

When you truly give, business will come to you from places and people you never expect. Sow, cultivate, trust…and harvest abundance.

Ultimately, an approach that is out to sell at all costs is myopic and limited.A go-giver approach may not yield immediate sales or outcomes exactly where expected, but in the long run, it can empower your business more powerfully and meaningfully.


© 2018 by Konrad Fernandez.