A Walk In The Woods...

Join me as we talk about a variety of themes and topics; from business trends to insights for personal growth, and musings on just about anything that is enriching and worth celebrating in life. I'd be delighted to see your comments and participation. Perhaps, along the way, we can grow richer through shared experiences, knowledge, ideas and insights. And, hopefully, distill some wisdom in the process. Like a deep conversation in a quiet place. Like an unhurried journey of contemplation. Like a meditative walk in the woods...      






Personal Growth


Konrad's interests include Western Classical Music appreciation and composition, Writing, Reading, Business Consulting (Strategy, Marketing, Leadership Development), Public speaking, Aesthetics, Philosophy, Traveling, and Nature.  

The wise man knows how to run his life 

so that contemplation is possible.

                              - Gabriel Marcel


Hyderabad, India



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